so. things. life.

it's going pretty well. nothing crazy coming up to startle or bite.

i've had at least 1 photo shoot a month for the last few months. not too shabby. my brother was able to be my second shooter for a wedding and IT WAS AMAZING. i don't think i want to shoot a wedding w/o him (or another second shooter) again. it was almost relaxing to have a backup that i trusted, and we worked really well together.

a friend's boss was going through his old photo equipment a few months back and i was able to buy a 3 strobe light set for $75! 1 lightstand, 2 umbrellas, 3 strobes. $75 bucks. from what i can see, a similar rig would cost at least $1000. admittedly, i did also buy a set of pocketwizard light remotes, which would enable me to use the strobes without the possibility of damaging my camera... which were about $500, BUT, they were something i wanted to use with wedding photography anyways, so... win win? i still end out ahead!

i was able to set it up for ant's birthday party and we HAD A BLAST.
only thing i need to work on is some kind of remote trigger holder; i have a wireless remote, but it's tiny and could be easily lost at a party. need to somehow make a holder for it - it's rad to be able to let guests handle it themselves. (or little kids. scarlett LOVES taking photos of herself and i appreciate the fact that she's not trying to be a little princess in every picture; she makes crazy monster faces and contorts herself into odd poses - her pictures are amazing!)

other items of note.... got a haircut, had red tips dyed on the ends, got a new job. did i ever mention that here? in any case, it's SO MUCH better than my last job. still in a cubicle, but it's bearable for now. am intrigued by a shipwreck researcher position that madge sent me. reminder: follow up on that tomorrow.

agenda for this weekend, another photo shoot, a friend's kid's birthday party, and a LOT of photo editing.

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Sleep Goblin said...

Man, Scarlett is the best. I always love her photos :D