first 5k completed and under the belt; zoo zoom - held by, for, and through the lowry park zoo.
overall time, as captured by runkeeper, was 44:29. huzzah! ran 8:22 straight at the beginning, walked and ran, had lots of kids pass me by, and saw a florida panther, rhinos and roseate spoonbills. hills, by the way, are ROUGH. GOING.

i'm actually excited (and slightly apprehensive) about signing up for my next 5k - it seems like a good way to keep myself motivated to run and *gasp* maybe even get a little better.

towards the end, there's a bit of the race path on the road before the END in the zoo's parking lot - i mentally told myself i was going to run without stopping until the parking lot - RAWR! - and that walking afterwards was ok. but at the end, the last of the guides were shouting encouragements, and my friends were cheering me on at the parking lot, that i just couldn't let them down. adrenaline kept me running straight on towards the very end - towards a bottle of water and a slice of cheese pizza.

HEALTHY LIVING, FTW! heart and lungs +10 strength and endurance.


Sleep Goblin said...

How exciting! I loved the feeling I had after a successful run of any kind, but this sounds wonderful. I hope these boys let me get back to exercising soon :)

annie said...

you are amazing!! sounds like so much fun. you've inspired me to find my running shoes :)

Christopher M said...

Awesome :)

Michelle said...

Well done! Seeing your posts (here and FB) inspired me to finally go for it :)