*le sigh*

on monday, we had to let our little yam go. we knew it would be coming, and when she started to go downhill, it was really fast. and even with that knowledge, it was so very hard. 

this morning, we picked up her ashes, strangely, in a bag with tissue paper, almost like a gift.  i didn't realize they would be making a plaster cast of her paw prints.  we were doing really well, and as i was opening it, i thought it was just going to be an empty album.

SO. WRONG.  what a giant sucker punch to the gut and oh man we cried. 

so we treated ourselves to a long brunch.  and a cocktail for me, because i needed it.

these last few months have been filled with insanity.  car troubles, family health issues, death in our extended family, in friend's close families...    *sigh*

so here's to yam.  sweet little kitty with all the missing teeth and the penchant for swiss cheese.  and to a better end of the year.  because it can only go up.


The Smirking Cat said...

I am so sorry. It is hard to lose a pet/family member.

When my vet gave me the plaster cast of Princess Leia's paw years ago, I didn't know they were mailing it to me, so when I opened it, I did the same thing: tears everywhere. Now I am glad to have it, and grateful they made it for me.

The best comfort I have gotten since Tweetie died is remembering funny things he did (of which there are many).

Sleep Goblin said...

I am crying again, and Winston is all, "LADY! I don't have time for your shenanigans!" I hope Wash is giving you similar comfort.

VT said...

I'm so so sorry, my friend. Lots of love to you.

Madge said...

Gulp. I'm so so so sorry. Hugs.