i attempted to write a post on a theme, but failed.  a theme on saying 'no', on me learning how to let go of feeling like i'm disappointing someone.

but then it got rambly and i got introspective and now i just want to nap on a cold beach in a quilt.  cold sand.  i want to sink my toes into some cold sand.

2014 started out wonderfully, but then punched me in the gut a few times.  i feel that things are just now finding middle ground, equalizing to room temperature.

all the times i had to disappoint, and say no, has started me (again) on the path to figuring out what's important to me.

life's just always about finding balance, isn't it?

too much beer, not enough water.

work as a means to an end.  

and trying to find room temperature with my photography.  it's awful, but it's definitely becoming more of a 'job'.  i don't think i'm following myself, and i'm starting to feel it.

i'm just not excited by it anymore.  must. recharge. creative. batteries.

oy - i'll end here.  this past weekend wore me out, physically and mentally.  here's to more yoga, clean laundry, staying hydrated, good wine, more juicing, meal planning, and, maybe, knitting a cardigan.

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