another year, another life

yet another year gone by. i can't believe i'll be 24.

so what's been going on, you ask?
**living back in tampa and actually enjoying it.
**got a job, with a cute little cubicle (i'm sure perceptions of this will change as time goes by, but for now the isolation is really nice).
**trying to start up some sort of craft-y business and coming up short at names.. suggestions anyone?
**saw big fish - disappointment.
**acquired sinbad and the 7th voyage and sinbad and the eye of the tiger. kick. ass. i love harryhausen.
**am actively looking for a female kitten girlfriend for thomas.
**getting over a nasty cough after two phlegm-filled weeks.
**and looking forward to chinese new year celebrations!

resolutions? to learn cantonese (i've already gotten 18 cds from the pimsleur set at the library) and italian (again).

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