what's my age again?

i'll be 25, not 24. it can't be good when you can't remember what age you are... mom mentioned that once you hit 25, the years just FLY.

anthony and i had a really amazing time at my house for chinese new year. got some lycee, ate amazing shrimp, played with tiffany while my dad, brother and their friends got super-drunk... ha! i believe they went through two bottles of cognac and a couple big bottles of wine.

--things you hear in the breakroom-- "i went to this church last week and i hated it. i mean, all the people my age did was talk about other people, so much gossip, it was so unchristian." but mere minutes later: "and this girl was wearing a tube top, can you believe it, a tube top to church. she went right up to the altar for mass in that thing. like she was going out clubbing or something. you don't wear that stuff to church." ... ... right.

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