::christmas-y musings::

christmas is over - and thank goodness! not that i don't love the holidays, but i'm really looking forward to seriously crushing and maiming my credit card debt. "grind it's bones to make my bread" kind of thing.

christmas eve was spent w/ anthony's family - very relaxing and filling with an awesome italian 3 fish dinner. had we the traditional 7 fishes, we would still be at the table this very moment - possibly not moving. and i got a s'mores maker! anthony's brother sal had never heard of s'mores; he thought it was some kind of alcoholic drink (which it very well may be). he kept grilling me, asking "that's it? what else??" when i told him what was in it. "just marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! ...no really, that's all there is to it."

christmas day was spent with my family at my parent's house with the non-traditional asian christmas bbq. steak, salmon, gimchi, rice, chicken wings and what appeared to be either frozen vegetables or veg-all. the veg-all was very disappointing, but everything else was amazing. it was really good also to see jenny & jesse - kids i had seen just days after their births - now they're in middle and high school! nothing like kids growing up to make you realize the passage of time.

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