images from the holidays

::this is how yam feels about the holidays::

this is the singularly ugliest picture of yam ever. shh - don't tell her or she'll cry. anthony's new nickname for yam is "skeletor."

::angel (ant's parents' puppy) & ant giving his best boxer imitation at thanksgiving::

::thomas & our tree::

::our uber-cute owl tree toppers::


MJ said...

Didn't Yam get anything for Christmas? I imagine some strong catnip would change his attitude.

kimberlina said...

yam did get gifts! $25 worth of gifts! but i think she's scared of them. one of those squeaking mice that hang from the top of the door... i had to rub catnip on it to eve get thomas to pay it any mind. our cats don't know how to play - it's very sad.

~Kat said...

Very Cute Christmas Pictures!!! I just "Next Blogged" you!! ~Kat