cold crunchy snow

i'm sitting here at work and i can't image snow.

to actually see it bob from the sky all fluffy and soft and crunchy and wet and cover everything. the ground, automobiles, our sad grass-less front lawn. it would look much better covered under a cushion of snow, really.

does it thunder when it snows? or is there lightning? like rainstorms here, but without the rain. just little white blobs.

so last night i continued on my "making art" full-throttle ahead plan and made a lanyard for my little id tag at work. it has a clip, but if i wear a dress, there's nowhere to attach it and i'm sure it loses 'security value' if i forget it on my desk when i leave for lunch.

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~Kat said...

Hi. Let me tell you about snow. We got 22.3'' here in Evansville, Indiana. I have pictures on my blog at http://acertainsadness.blogspot.com if you want to see the after-effects.

Yes, it does sometimes thunder and lightening when it snows. For some reason, they call that particular type of snow "thunder snow" although it's no different than regular old snow. I am going to post a picture or two of the snow on my site for you... as it's coming down... so you can see :)