it's print gocco time!

so... a while back i posted that anthony had bought me something online.

i figured out what it is.

ok, ok. actually, HE gave it away. i was just teasing him. i think he was already paranoid that i knew though, since he ordered it online - there was one night where he forgot to delete the history file in explorer and he thought i had peeked (i didn't).

anyways, we were talking about stockings and how big they needed to be and he hinted that mine needed to be big, like 10 inches by 8 inches big, which is, coincidentally, about the size of a print gocco - the biggest item on my christmas list! our conversation went like this:

"is it a print gocco??!"
"no. those things are expensive!"
"is it? is it?"
"thank you for my print gocco!"
"... you looked!"
"i didn't! i really didn't!!" *gack*
*anthony very unhappy pouty*
*kim super happy prancing*

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