mmmmmmm... sushi.....

tonight is the tampa group gift exchange.


sounds like some kind of 12-step program, eh? it's actually just our friends getting together and gifting each other in a mad frenzy of shredded paper and, in this case, sushi. we're having dinner at ichiban. if you live in tampa and have never been there, you should definitely high-tail it to this place. we're talking quality sushi and lots of it.

you know, i've been told i can eat a lot of sushi.

"you eat!" - from a server in firenze, italia after ordering (and eating) a sushi dinner for 2

i think i'm going to try and keep a log of how much sushi i ingest in a sitting. granted, i don't go out a lot, since each sushi meal for me & ant approximates anywhere from $50-$100. but this way i can keep track of my sushi eating habits and thusly work out a program wherein i can train myself to ingest more and more.

i'm sick. kick it.

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