apple? pc? ... pc!? apple?! arrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

i am sitting here, and have been for the past hour, attempting in vain to try and research and figure out which computer i want. apple or pc??

pros - noted for being super good w/ graphics. amazing, really cool design. no mac viruses. takes up very little space. the "cool" factor.
cons - expensive. also, haven't used a mac in a while. can i use and install my, uh, adobe "software" on my mac?!

pros - cheaper. could probably get the same "punch" for a lesser price. majority of people know how to use them. i understand pcs.
cons - big & ugly. takes up space. scant few people will be able to use my computer. potential viruses up the yin yang.

the practical mom inside me is yelling, nay, screaming for the pc.

but my inner artist is pleads, "but ... it's an apple!"

i feel like this shouldn't be an issue.

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