latest dirt

- though i am a temp, i am training other employees - not only other temps, but permanent people. we're talking group training. so things are looking up, even though i need, no, crave a creative career. i feel as though this job will suck the very marrow from my bones. i am looking forward to the time when i have health insurance and also direct deposit. such little things keep me happy.

- mm... chrysanthemum tea.... if you've never had it, hightail it to an oriental market and find some! not some weird powder (that's such a cop out) - get the real dried flowers. you'll love it forever.

- i have learned how to make a spicy green bean dish in some kind of stir fry style. (even though i am asian, do not ask me what schezuan-style is, or even how to spell it. and no, i don't know how to make egg drop soup.)

- they have hot chocolate w/ marshmallows at my job. i have requisitioned a small stash at my desk in case they run out.

- my skin is still really dry.

- mmm... ice cream sandwiches... although - what the hell happened to pudding pops?!

- i'm kinda liking those earlier aloha albums better! more jazzy, more drifty-experimental. less pop, more flavor.

- green earth dry cleaning is expensive as hell! eight items of clothing = $42.42! the number at least seems auspicious; it wasn't $66.66.

- i am attempting to paint, but i seem to lack depth colorwise. two color theory classes and i have yet to grasp its complexities. color index, help!

- on my first day of work, a woman asked me, "do you......" *quickly raises arms and moves them about in what i assume to be martial-arts-type moves* question: am i offended? should i be?

- 2 more years until my 10 yr reunion.

- i am getting my hair cut and possibly dyed this weekend. it is looking like the worst kind of dry black straw imaginable.

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