this past week i worked myself up into a frenzy and decided that i NEEDED to get my hair cut. so i called many places, all of which were booked far into february and ended up going to a salon where a friend of a friend works. i went in, we talked about what i wanted, my hair was duly washed and conditioned and she set to work.

*snipsnipsnip* for about 1 minute, and then:

*razor.razor.razor* for the next 15 minutes.

seriously, i went in at exactly 12:00 and got out at 12:35. i have never had a faster haircut. i liked it at first. she'd razored the hell out of it - it looked very punk rock.

but as the day went on and i walked about a shopping plaza with my friend jen... i couldn't help but stop in front of every mirror and ask, "does it look like a mullet?! does this part look weird?" after about the 15th mirror, she took a good look at the cut and realized - it was horribly, horribly done. like, really badly uneven chunky. the disaster of razor cutting when you don't actually measure the ends. avant garde. weed wacker.

i was unhappy (and going to an expensive birthday dinner that night to boot). so...... what else is a girl to do? (you might say go back and get it fixed, but you'd be wrong.) i took the scissors into my own hands. with much help from jen, who was on back-of-the-head detail, i cut off the offending mullet and turned a really, really bad haircut into a somewhat bad haircut. it is now more bob-like. for the next week until i see my mom (who is a hair stylist) - i am going to have to get up a little earlier to curl my hair ends up - to hide any uneven bits. sure, it's missed sleep.

but now i like my hair again.

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{STAR} said...

Awww... that is not good. I hate getting my hair cut by others. They always make me have a mullet or look like a page boy. Soooo I have cut my own hair for quiet a while. I actually have the razor and scissors. If you need a fix up I could help out. Im sure you look fabulous even with a bad hair cut. It probubly looked like you meant to do it :) Drop me a line.... Hope all is well otherwise. Give Anthony a Hello as well.