hurray for weekends!

this weekend has been most satisfying.

friday i got to spend time with mary jo, a friend i hadn't seen in a while. we browsed the mall looking for valentine's day gifts and ended up looking at items for ourselves. : ) quite satisfying. not to mention our really good conversations and the good sushi i ate at rice & co. we were, however, saddened that fredrick's of hollywood didn't have a larger selection of decadent men's apparel.

saturday was a super big cleaning day and the house is looking presentable! huzzah! also, i took the clothes thomas peed on to the green friendly cleaners. if the smell of cat urine on clothing doesn't make me retch, i don't know what will. (oh wait, quail egg sushi.)

later that night i had another sushi dinner w/ anthony and another couple - stephanie and brad - people we actually had never met, but are super glad we did. i'm hoping we'll be able to get together again, and perhaps a less expensive outing as well. *laugh* they, in fact, were the ones to get us to try the quail egg sushi. it wasn't the taste so much as the goopy texture. and THEN even later we met up with my high school friend ben who just turned 25 (for the second time, or so he says). ben is awesome - we'll have to hang out more @ the orpheum on saturday nights (strange mix of indie and pop/hip hop - i don't get it).

sunday equalled more cleaning. watching an old stephen chow movie we got from the library. watching aloha @ the orpheum. can i say that it was so kickass to actually go to a show for a band i truly enjoy??!? in atlanta, a friend took me to some huge concert b/c he had a free ticket. it was fun, except for the part where i almost passed out from the heat and dehydration, but pop bands just don't appeal to me that much. i've never been a huge music person, but aloha is awesome. anthony introduced me to them and watching them in person was incredible. they were quite adept at moving from one instrument to another and the marimbas have such a warm sound. check them out!

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