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Child appears unhappy after parents slain in Iraq

This little Iraqi girl seems upset that her parents were shot to death by US soldiers when the car she and her family were in failed to stop at a checkpoint. (I'm sure she'll get over it once they tell her it was a mistake.) Meanwhile the LA Times reports that "the percentage of Americans who believed the situation in Iraq was "worth going to war over" has sunk to a new low of 39%." Link


James Lee said...

Makes me wonder why we ever "liberated" Iraq in the first place. Now I remember, the stockpile of weapons of mass destruction that haven't been found yet.

MJ said...

Yeah, makes me proud that Bush has promised to "spread" democracy...he made it sound like a disease, and his brand certainly is. There is a repulsive irony in invading a country and forcing your government upon them, then beaming proudly and declaring it was in the name of freedom.