*** !! happy new year !! ***

albiet a tad belated.

this year, as with every year, i skipped work to head down to the parent's home and celebrate with good chinese food and sangria. anthony and i drove down on tuesday and spent the new year's eve at a party at china star.

wednesday we slept in till 11 and woke to the sounds and smells of my dad puttering about in the kitchen. erika, vincent, jenny & jesse, tiffany, lee, the bobaks, gene & jan... and still a few others - we all ate to our heart's content. it was a really, really excellent new year.

my nephew lee actually didn't cringe when he saw me and ended up more infatuated with anthony than myself! then again, anthony did spend lots of time showing him how mr potato head works. so cute.

and my brother vincent got a new job! i'm incredibly proud of him. he's an assistant general manager at a restaurant down on fort myers beach. yes, my friends, my younger brother now makes more money than i do.

must... get... career... going...

and for those in relationships: for some reason, in the year of the cock, the first day of spring is omitted, like a weird inverse leap year that occurs every 12 years. spring being the time of growth and new beginnings - one shouldn't get married at all in the year of the cock. very unfortunate. it's called "the year of the widow."

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