i am at work and am ridiculously, insanely and ravenously hungry.

so there.

this weekend erika came down and we shopped, shopped, shopped and watched movies till we all nodded off, drinking hot cocoa and nibbling choco liebniz crackers. erika: move to tampa!

i have been feeling sluggish about my job. i should be hired on soon, and with a raise (yay!), but am ambivalent about going permanent. yes, health care is good, but i feel trapped. like i'm going to be sucked into this corporate world job where i am stressed to be training people and stressed that my supervisor might fire me at any moment (she has been known to do such things). and i will become drone-like. my slanty eyes will become computer-monitor-square.

anthony made me feel better by telling me that i was hardly trapped. that i can quit at any time. the stress in my gut is allieviated for now.

but to further combat this stress, i have signed the both of us up for a small business class at usf! i'm pretty excited. i always talk about starting my own business, and i always check out books from the library, but never read them. i figure this way, i am spending money to learn about what i need to do to start a small business. more of a start than talk and false information.

also, this tuesday is chinese new year eve! start celebrating! clean your house tonight and tomorrow, but for 3 days after the new year (wednesday the 9th) - do not clean at all, or you might sweep out the good fortune in your home.

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