kick to the pants

i need to get this craft thing started. i need to jump start this craft business. i need to start creating and drawing and bursting this artists block that surrounds and mummifies me.

i need more energy.

also, money.

*laugh* well - i feel better now after that little rant. i am going to be hired on at my job. even though i have much distaste for the corporate world, it's something that i am going to have to work through in order to realize more fulfilling dreams. plus, i get a $1.50 raise and health insurance in but a mere month.

i played with illustrator a bit tonight - can we say tons of fun, boys and girls? it's soooo nice to use illustrator with this awesome monitor and not have it freeze. and i love my wacom tablet.

anyways, here are the cute froggie chocolates that anthony got me this weekend!

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