- i have blue highlights in my hair (and subsequently, all over my towels). once these few semi-permanent highlights fade, i'm going to bleach some more hair - ends, mainly - and then dye it red. dark red? bright red? still not sure. i'm 26 and just now reaching my rebellious hair phase.

- i paid off my smallest credit card - whoopee!

- anthony and i are feverishly watching buffy season 5 (shhh...i've created a monster).

- this past weekend we overhauled the house and squeaky cleaned it. we even bought that stuff you sprinkle on the carpets and then vacuum up. it was actually this allergen reducer stuff, but i think it's making me sneeze all the time...

- i really should start doing overtime at my job... it's just so easy to sleep in on saturdays!

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{STAR} said...

I am still so sad that we did not make it to movie time on easter. Please dont think that it was because we dont want to hang out with you guys. I just promised dave we could see Mare and I did not realise it was on the same day. We all totally need to hang out very soon. We still need to get into some laser tag!!!