hare-ray pott-er

currently, i am rereading year 5: order of the phoenix and have already placed my "hold" at borders. book 5 is definitely more lively than any of the others - more dialogue and witty barbs; though in the rereading i find myself getting more and more irritated at harry's adolescent mood swings.

the next book on the list is 'the time traveler's wife.' meaghan lent it to me - she read it for her book club and... i'm pretty sure she liked it. hm, i think she did. maybe she was purposely vague so as to keep my perceptions unfettered by her impressions. hmm.

if anyone's looking for a good novel, one of my favorites is 'geek love' by katherine dunn. it was absolutely incredible. note: if you're easily nauseated by disfigurements of the human form, maybe you should steer clear.

anyways. anthony's thumb is definitely looking better, even after playing his guitar for an hour or so last night. oh, and smashing it into my car door. my birthday seems to be rushing up and i have no idea what i want to do to celebrate. last year's paper party will be hard to top... i'm considering a group jaunt to the local q-zar. i rock at laser tag. then again, i hear that rosie is a pretty good shot at the gun range.


{STAR} said...

Happy Birthday Early!!!! Sorry I have not been on recently. Busy with the library. Things are settled now. Sorry to hear about Anthony's thumb. All I thought when I read the entry... how is he going to play his guitar? Glad to hear it is ok. I have yet to read the Harry Potter books. I should though Ive heard the later ones are even better than the first. Im currently reading a Wally Lamb book. Ive read all of his books. She's Come Undone and I Know This Much Is True were good. Couldn't Keep It To Myself is amazing so far. He only wrote the intro. It is about his writing class in a women's correctional facility. The other chapters are actually the womens works in finished form. Sorry to talk your ear off. Hope to hear from you soon :) -Star

Keeefer said...

Glad to hear His thumbs better. Though it sounds brave to be playing guitar so early!
Happy Birthday for whenever. Id recommend the rifle range, theres nothing quite like live ammo.....though you cant shoot your friends....please remember that :)