southern fried strawberry festival

this past weekend anthony and i went to the strawberry festival in plant city. can we say "deep fried heart attack," boys and girls? the following pictures showcase just a few of the fatty-goodness foods that southern hospitality has wrought upon our arteries.

they also had cheese on a stick.
kim: ew, sounds gross.
ant: like a pap smear.

we met up with rosie, sarah, sarah's mom and marcus while there. marcus was brave enough to actually try three of these heavy delicacies - the twinkie, the candy bar (milky way) and the oreos - without blowing chunks or going into cardiac arrest! i am amazed.

here's anthony breaking his funnel cake virginity (rated G):

here're the little kiddies learning how to milk bessie:

and here're a few of the neat roosters from the poultry and rabbit tent:

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