laser tag = pain / kim = out of shape

sunday evening was a laser tag extravaganza of fun (and for me, pain).

our local q-zar was nothing like i expected it to be. not that i know what i expected, but it had apparently just been remodelled. it just seemed so... old and dated. still, laser tag is laser tag and there's that awesome thrill that comes with black lights and fake guns and colored beams of light and vibrating armor. oh yes, and techno. we cannot forget the techno.

the laser tag extravaganza, only 15 minutes long, was enough to inform me that i am "out of shape." or maybe i just got into it more than others. no hiding and sniping the enemy for me. i was crouching along, sprinting, shooting - my own team, unfortunately - 11 times!! by the end of it, my legs were a little jello-like. they hurt when i get up from a sitting position.

to refresh ourselves, we all headed to the tampa ale house. thank god their wings are good. i now have a place to sate my hot wing cravings - last time i went out for wings was at wing house, full of scantily clad females of the plastic persuasion. rather uncomfortable & distressing - i hate the blatant objectification of women, not to mention that the combination of pantyhose, super-short shorts and sneakers are the most disgusting fashion statement ever. oh yea, and the piggish men who eat there aren't a plus either.

mission: get a stationary bike and GET IN SHAPE.

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