so i finally did it. i finally put down some money and got a website up and running. now i have no excuse to get my portfolio online and no excuse to eventually sell fun crafty items. except procratination, of course.

visit my continually-under-construction site here: http://www.kimberlyyau.com

creative, creative, i know. :p i wanted some sort of tag, maybe keep with the "gimchi designs" or something, but couldn't find a way to make it work. simple is good, right? also, easy to remember (if you know how to spell my name).

the frustrating thing: holy mother mary, how the hell do i get rid of that stupid space between my table rows in internet explorer?!? the header image looks fine in firefox - but i can't get rid of it in ie.


at some point i know that redroomcinema will come onboard and share the webhosting space. fun for all! the more the merrier! share the bill!

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