can i say that there is nothing worse than calling out from work when you really are legitimately sick? BLEAH!

two people think i'm not really sick - i'm pregnant. sonia, one of my co-workers & michie, my friend since 9th grade. apparently michie's friend was "sick" with flu for two weeks before finding out she was carrying a little one.

does one's body react like this because a little fetus is foreign to the body at first? que strano. i hope not. if this is what being pregnant is like, heeeellll no.

i called out on monday, relaxed and movie hopped with anthony. we watched kingdom of heaven & hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. then the ale house for some wings and then sleep. blissful, medicated sleep.

this morning i felt pretty good. a little thick headed, but i attributed that to the medicine still in my system. i went to the podiatrist and then to work, where i went to a meeting and then almost passed out. i felt horrible. nauseated and cold sweats, retching. not pretty. and quite embarrassing in front of supervisors. they ended up calling the paramedics. i was feeling ok by the time the firefighters arrived and fairly normal once the paramedics questioned me and took blood to test my sugar level. i called anthony, who was at home yet again, thank goodness and he came and picked me up.

so yea. let's all hope i'm just sick. i only bake brownies in this oven.

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