good god

good god it's been forever since i've written anything. this sickness has taken a lot out of me and finally i'm feeling better. i've been thinking that blogs are boring unless there are pictures. is this true? do i need more pictures? really, i think i need more content. most bloggers write about what they believe, news items of import. this blogger writes about little blips and tangets of her life. i would like to pepper it with more pictures, though. oohh... ahh... pretty colors....

anyways, this weekend anthony and i are heading out to n'awlins for ramon's wedding. i will be hefting along my cameras in the hopes of being artsy. we've never been there and i'm intrigued. also, slightly unnerved. i've heard it's pretty dirty there and ramon scared us with stories of crime and shoe shinings. apparently there is a grid/square of streets out of which you are not to wander.

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