how the hell do normal people get rid of all their stuff? i love a minimalist style, but have yet to come close to reaching it.

i have no idea how to let go of my belongings. i have had 2 large bags of CRAP sitting in my room waiting to be thrown out, but each time i attempt to do so, i end up sitting on the floor surrounded by even MORE crap, endeavoring to file it all away in some semblance of order. about 2 weeks later it will all end up back in the bags, waiting to be "thrown out." and thus the cycle continues.

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{STAR} said...

You are a stronger person than I. After my bags and boxes sit in the garage for a few weeks, I feel the need to go get something I can not live without. Thus the bags make their way back into my bedroom in a pile. I really wish my brain would let me let go of all of my crap :)Dave took a car full of bags to the thrift last week. I could not help but be sad that they are gone. When we move out to carollwood, I plan to dump most of my things and have Dave take them away even if I cry hahaha. Its sad these attachments to physical things.