picnic park

early evening being the lovely day it was, anthony had a wonderful idea to go have a picnic dinner. off to the fresh market where we bought bread and cheese, hot wings (to sate my inscrutable cravings), bourbon marinated salmon and cheese tortellini salad. ah yes, and orangina.

our first picnic spot was invaded by red ants - a veritable village had become squatters in my shoes and we quickly deposed of their corpses and ran off to a picnic bench whereupon i sat on the very top. i read 'naked' by david sedaris while anthony perused an egm magazine, peppering my grey matter with xbox 360 information. very cute.

overblown and washed out sunset

reading mr sedaris

anthony all super-cute

praying to the gods for a high definition tv

[note: as you can see, i am trying to get a better handle on this picture blogging thing. we'll see how it goes. i definitely want to use this little digital camera more.]

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