july 4th found us at the house holding a small bbq with our cute new grill! we had practiced a few nights prior with basa fillets and corn - incredible! grilled corn is amazingly delicious... mmm.... grilled corn... we also had sesame-ginger marinated tuna, veggie hot dogs & riblets, fruit salad, macaroni salad, italian potato salad & spice cake.

::question:: why is the summer considered grilling season?
::answer:: i have no earthly idea.
it is so ungodly hot out - why would you want to stand over flaming, glowing coals? i would think that winter would be the best season, or at least fall when the weather is cooler.

anthony - sweltering in the heat. brian - behind him at the grill - i'm not sure what he's trying to say with his facial expression... note the strange kudzu-like overgrowth in our tiny "backyard."

anthony & my mom on the porch.

anthony, vincent & brian. vince came up from cape coral! i was so excited to see him! :) note the even better view of the overgrowth.

brian - the beginning of the end.

this is jen, absolutely appalled that she has lost the thumb war (her claim to fame is that she can dislodge her thumb from its joint, making her thumb war queen). [update: apparently, brian, in his drunkeness, CHEATED at thumb war and must now be disqualified.]

reeko, my 15 yr old cousin from hong kong. [update: he's 17 and my nephew. maybe.]

so anyways, reeko is here in the states visiting for the first time. i wish i could take him to the rocky mountains or maybe chicago or new york. a larger city or something equally as impressive as hong kong. : ) right now he's mainly staying on pine island in the fort myers/cape coral area. the pros of this area over hong kong is the lack of smoggy pollution and the fact that you can see so many stars in the evening - there's hardly any light pollution either. the cons being... well, there's nothing there. a teeny old mall and the edison/ford estates. fishing. a barnes & noble. movie theater. beaches. ... ... i think that's about it. well, beaches might be nice, but with the hurricane season fast approaching...! maybe not.

he also plays the drums, which is cool, since anthony and brian took him out to their practice space and they jammed for a while, at least, until the 2 white boys were eaten up by mosquitoes. *laugh*

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{STAR} said...

Hello, Im sorry Dave and I could not make it to your barbaque. Dave had promised his friend Dan we would drive to his house in clearwater for a party. I think I would have enjoyed spending time with a smaller cluster of friends, but its over. I miss you guys :( On the summer grilling topic: Yesterday in my Religions and Pop Culture class my professor asked us to think about someone from Turkey visiting us on the 4th of July. We stand out on the hottest time of the year cooking over pits of fire. We cook the cheapest foods and drink the cheapest beer for the most part. Then when it gets dark we watch explosives for hours on end with a dumb found look on our faces. hahaha it was a great lecture. Hope everything is going well for you guys!