moving it along, moving it along

finally, anthony & i have gotten our butts in gear and applied to take classes at the community college. anthony to finish up a degree and i, well, want to get another. *laugh* (as i write this, my cat thomas keeps standing up on his hind legs trying to piggy back me - he is so freaking cute!) we've been hemming and hawing for a while and today at work i printed out all the transcript requests i need and faxed them to the appropriate departments - and then tomorrow anthony and i are going to just apply in person at the campus near us. it's pretty much the only place that offers night classes and what's even better is that our jobs will pay for it! well, 90% if i get an 'a' or a 'b,' but still. quite a deal. though if i take 2 classes... going to school every day after work is going to be super crappy... but i'll be moving along. which is what i need.

this weekend i stayed home and was quite the homebody. though to the naked eye it may appear that i lounged about on the computer the whole time, discerning students may note that i have completely organized my digital music collection. we're talking song names, artists, albums (mostly) and genres! yes, i am a nerd. yes, i am slightly ocd.

my next goal (which will perhaps be hampered by this "school" thing) is to organize my photographs and get my website in gear. also to use adobe album to add tags to my photos - this way i can easily find anything i need. unless i get too crazy and start adding too many specific tags... my organizational skills leave much to be desired.

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