i've so many photographs to post! it is thursday, 10 pm, and i am finally blogging again after a brief hiatus. this past week has been whirlwind of fun and entertainment, what with having my nephew reeko around. (by the way, he's NOT 15, he's 17 - where did i get 15 from?!)

what i'll do is post a few images up at a time so i'm not on the computer all night. i decided to have a bit more fun as well with some of these images. check out that header image! i'm trying out new things and playing with my wacom tablet & pen. i love it!

anthony - throwing down on the 13 pounder

[anthony & i had quite a bit o' fun with reeko - going to orlando, the crappy belz/prime outlets, eating out for every meal, animal kingdom, new world brewery & ant's shows, bowling, willy wonka movie, anthony calling out from work, video games galore... ]

me (not to brag, but guess who got the highest score, yo!) (ok, ok, i brag)

[reeko has permanently etched that new willy wonka song in my brain. "willy wonka, willy wonka!"]


[$19 cds at the 'music for less' outlet store in orlando. what the!?]

rosie - yes, she owns her own bowling shoes

[had fun sneaking reeko into new world brewery for ant's show, which was quite stupendous, as always. we got to meet up with ramon & alexis (who are now way out in new meh-hee-co).]


[i am so excited for 'the march of the penguins.']

saad - ouch!

[i have officially registered for classes! i will be taking modern chem and human anatomy & physiology. stop the excitment, know.]

rachel - yay! a new friend! rachel rocks.

[in all my life, i have never sweated as i did sweat that day in disney's animal kingdom.]

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