this past monday was ant's birthday - the big two six. i was going to have a surprise get-together for him on sunday, but on saturday night, severe coughing and throat spasms and overall yuckiness prompted a little trip to the good 'ol er. the party has been postponed, but i did make him a chocolate hazelnut cake (complete with little star candles) from nigella lawson's cookbook, 'how to be a domestic goddess.' super rich. that's cake #1 - he's got another one coming sometime next week. hehe. i love baking.

and yay for friends! today i got to talk to erika, star and meaghan! and perhaps i've shaken the moody blues i've had the last week or so. what a crummy period to have a little weenie depression time - right near anthony's birthday! and while he's sick to boot.

talked to ka on the phone - we vowed to spend 10 minutes doing something we've been putting off. so she has to read 'a portrait of the artist as a young man' so she can teach her young pupils and i had to paint something.

so here's my end of bargain:

i just slapped some paint on painted hardboard. i had no idea what i was going for. no image in mind. pretty morbid and creepy. i'll try and paint some more these next few days, so the image may end up totally different. i just needed to get out there and put paint on a surface. mess it up a little. also, my paints smell funny... i wonder if they ever go bad...

meaghan's conversation was also via phone (why do so many of my friends live far away??). she was busy sewing while i painted. she also has a little heart in her stomach! beat, beat, beating away. her bun will be ready sometime mid-march. : ) she's starting her own company, which is a rather exciting prospect.

and star! called while i was reading in bed, telling me she was just down the street at this tea lounge called kaleisia. so i promptly left the house (which probably is looking its absolute worst, ever) and joined her. she was supposed to be doing a paper and i was supposed to be reading 'only begotten daughter,' but we ended up chatting instead. we made plans to do this more often and also to begin knitting for the "winter" weather coming up here in florida.

can i say that this influx of female estrogen-ness was exactly what i needed? maybe it was just getting out of the house, but still, i feel so much better and calm seas and less jangly, sharp edges.

prompt for advertisement: kaleisia is amazing! if you live in tampa, definitely frequent this joint. they have boba (little tapioca balls - like round gummi bear balls in your drink) and seriously divine oolong tea. at least 4 different kinds that weren't fruity. their tea selection was almost overwhelming. teapots and cups are a super thin glass - i was almost afraid of breaking them. and it's just... very soothing. nice music, good colors. come support the independent tea house! minority female run and all! plus, free wireless. rock it.

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{STAR} said...

The work that you did last night is exactly what I was talking about. You need no class. This piece is better than a lot of the stuff that comes out of USF.With little structure you have less barriers. This piece is out of the box in a beautifully artistic form :) Yay for Kim! and yes paints get old. Sounds like a trip to Pearl or AOE is in order. hahah I love those places. Creative Mecca.