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last night anthony and i went to our local borders. talked to some old coworkers and picked up the latest copy of adbusters.

"adbusters is for everyone concerned with the erosion of our physical, cultural and mental environments by commercial forces. always insightful and often provocative, this renegade ad-free magazine offers alternative news and commentary from around the world, dealing with issues from unsustainable consumption, to genetically modified foods, to disinformation in the media." - adbusters website

quite a good publication that i rather enjoy, but i hadn't read many of them recently - sometimes they can be quite depressing - i end up losing more of my (already shrinking) faith in humanity rather than charging up my angry activist battery.

in any case, this last issue dealt with children and education and the school system. how we've become afraid of natural births, our school systems are becoming homogenized and learning is rote memorization. advertising in schools. etc. they have some wonderful examples of community schools and home schooling parents that are inspiring. i guess i find this interesting because one of my close friends is baking a little bun in the oven - brings the idea of having a child closer to home and what i would want to do with my children. i think this issue of adbusters is quite thought provoking in regards to education and advertising (in schools and in daily life).

oh yes, and here's a great little piece from daniel shorr on npr regarding the rove debacle.

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