animal kingdom

here are some images from disney's animal kingdom (from reeko's visit). we decided on this park since:
a. none of us had ever been here
b. reeko's not big on huge rollercoasters
c. erika begged us on her hands and knees to go to a disney park
d. becaues it's the happiest celebration on earth! *ralph*

here's us trying to figure out the fastpass system - note: none of us are very good at making decisions, (michie would have gone crazy! *laugh* anthony almost did!) so probably too much time was spent figuring out where to go first.

anthony in line at the dinosaur ride

i can only wish this was erika leaning over to tell me i look like i have a comb-over. friends are "supposed" to tell you when you look like you have a comb-over, erika!!!

sometimes hard discipline is the only way to go.

dino-rama, here we come!

little collage of us on the dino ride. oh, hello brushes! never used those before. anywho, i thought i was going to throw up after the indoor dinosaur roller coaster (*urp*) ... and i definitely thought i was going to lose it once i saw this baby twirly coaster, but it turned out nowhere near as bad as my stomach thought. it was more sharp turns, conveniently alternating between hard right and hard left turns so it wasn't like i was spinning in one direction. whew!

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