bueller......... bueller............

chemistry - professor is really nice, but boring as hell. it's fine if you want to lecture from an outline. fine if you want to have the outline up on the board as you lecture........... but please, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not lecture and also write the entire outline on the dry-erase board at the same time! it's called power point. it's called a transparency. use them! either of them!

chemistry lab - professor insists on having at least 10 seconds of silence between sentences. we watched a really long safety video, but then got 3 more handouts that went over the same safety concerns we just watched. i was dying.

a & p - excellent class! professor reminds me of mr. garrison from south park because he says "m'kay" incessantly!

a & p lab - hmm... can't remember too much from this class. except that it's going to be a LOT of memorization. the professor sounds a bit like ben stein (not from ferris bueller's day off - more 'win ben stein's money'). plus, we get to dissect a sheep's brain and a cow's eyeball. a big step from my high school days of dissecting a flower. yes, you heard me, a flower. pretty lame.

funny, the class that's probably going to be easier is going to be HARDER to just BE there (chemistry). also, chapter 2 in my anatomy book seems to cover everything we're going to be learning in chemistry. :D either that's (a) good, because chemistry will be easier or (b) bad, because this chapter is going to kill me.

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