carbonated goodness!

check out this awesome carbonated lychee drink anthony and i got at the md oriental market on fowler!

not sure what that condom thingie is on the right hand side... maybe it's a funny hat?
it's pretty good, actually. also, it opens like a champagne bottle, in a way.

this little ball was in the top - in the blue part. one took off the plastic seal (not shown) and this little pink top came off with a washer. the washer was to keep the pink top from pressing on the marble that sat in the blue lid... thingie. (i should become a technical writer, i know! thanks! :) anyways, once unwrapped, one used the pink top to press on the marble, thusly opening the... opening in order for one to quench one's thirst! mah-vah-lous! open it above a sink, not above your lap whilst in a moving vehicle; you might end up looking like you've soiled yourself. not that i would know, of course, just a handy suggestion.

anyways, this was our first trip to the md market - normally we frequent the din ho market on armenia and waters (plus, there's a super chinese bakery in the same strip mall). we were quite impressed with their selection of asian beverages! why can't our packaging be as inventive??

ok - bedtime. it's after 12, a big no-no in kim's new school regime. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz..z.zz*

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Madge said...

That drink makes me think of Right Said Fred.

Also, Happy Fall 2005 Semester.