homo sapiens jerkey

jerkie. jerkee. did i spell that right? jerkey. hm. looks funny.

anyways: recap of recent events to follow:

friday: monthly chumming. super cramps. my uterus felt like so much tenderized meat - tenderized with many pronged forks. (many tined forks? my brain is fritzing - more on this later.) birthday dinner w/ rosie @ maggiano's. incredibly yummy mussels & salmon.

saturday: still cramping, so i had to crap out on star's running group social. : ( none too pleased about that. it was a martini run! you got to wear cocktail dresses or smoking jackets and running shoes and well, run with martinis. *laugh* anthony's show @ new world later in the evening. a totally awesome show put on by new granada. (mmm... granada - isn't that a type of italian ice dessert? or at least the company that makes them? mm... granada ices...) i got to try a new beer - delirium nocturnum, the label of which features a super cute pink elephant.

sunday: hmm... sunday, sunday... oh yes, woke up too late to help sea turtles with sarah in clearwater (will pursue this as soon as possible), watched a crapload of angel with anthony and went to the bodies exhibit @ mosi! very, very cool. confession: i was kinda queasy about going. these are real bodies we're talking about. real bodies whose fats & fluids have been replaced by plastics & epoxies. i think i could have handled it better had i not just taken a 2 oz. shot of wheat grass juice right before going to the exhibit. i swear i burped up 2 acres of lawn in an hour and half. the queasiness of the exhibit combined with the super gross grass burps, the extreme lack of air conditioning and the claustrophobia from the crowd made me really rather sick. like, lightheaded-almost-about-to-faint kind-of-sick. : ( i ended up going through the rooms too quickly and i'd like to go back - with far less people and no weird burpies.

the brain fritzing mentioned earlier was caused by my nefarious cat yam. she has always harbored an intense hatred (dare i say loathing?) for our vacuum cleaner (even though it sucks up the dust that causes her to sneeze quite repeatedly) & has somehow managed to sabotage its inner workings with her little claws. anthony was cleaning the bathroom tonight with the vacuum and suddenly, in a HUGE odiferous cloud of burning... entrails(?), it broke. we've got the fan going and a candle burning, but mother mary it smells so. so. SO. bad. o_o i can hardly think straight. i'll probably wake up with a lump on my lung (and now i know what they look like! thanks mosi!).


Madge said...

Ohhhh, ahhh...can't wait to witness the jerky(?) for myself. I'm all for skulls, bones, and nervous systems.

Your cat is adorable. Much cuter than the well-fed alley cats that have been adopted by a total stranger ('93 maroon buick le sabre, FL plate 784 KIT). Just kidding, that's a completely made-up plate #.

Henri Banks said...

its not a new beer its old but it taste good and you cant drink tooooo much of this else you get singing !!!