sometimes i forget that art is just enjoying yourself.

while browsing blogs i came across this website. her sketchbook is wonderfully charming and spartan and beautiful and whimsical. i used to have a sketchbook. what happened? i'll have to get one and start carrying it around a little more.

general areas of interest that i'd like to explore in my artwork:
asian themes - chinese & korean culture
underwater - the unknown and mysterious; octopus, jellyfish, mantis shrimp, half-hidden crustaceans


Madge said...

if you ever have the time - please post some of your illustrations!

Madge said...

by the way, thank you also for posting in my blog. :)

kimberlina said...

no problem miss madge, your blog is a joy to read!
my little magical digital picture taker is being dusted off as we speak. o_o

Madge said...

oh goody!

(p.s. word ver. word: xectzi. ecstasy spelled by someone on ecstasy? despite your every last scrabble wish, no, this is not a word).

B.O.B.I. said...

Thanks for the Domokun props. Other than activating Cantonese Entry on an XP installation (I think it supports Cantonese; never tried) I have no idea about Cantonese software. Sorry!