despite gas prices being at an all time high ( i remember when it cost $10 to fill up my tank!) i went down 2 hours to visit my family on pine island. also, i missed "getting drinks" with star, david, rachel and anthony AND an aloha show. damnit! i really like aloha!

on the plus side, i did get amazingly good and fattening food - duck and crispy pork and dumplings and tofu and okinawa spinich. holy crap, duck is so yummy. sometimes i wonder if the ducks in my townhome complex are edible... (kidding! sortof.) i eat like a herd of hungry hippos when i go down to my parents. one day i'll remember to take photos of the tableau, but this time i got images of some of the fruit my dad grows.

these are longon - similar to lychee, but not as syrupy sweet. also known as "dragon eyes." hmm... it occurs to me that i should show one cracked open, but we'll save that for a later, more lucid, date.

my dad is all about presentation. just not enough to let me iron the background fabric.

these babies are quite large - some were even 1 1/2 inches! quite large, really. he sells them in the tampa, miami and orlando area, sometimes shipping as far as new york, california and mississippi.


reviews: 'the brother's grimm,' directed by mr terry gilliam was quite good! quite entertaining and the cgi wasn't as bad as the trailers made it look. ok, ok, the scene with the scarf was pretty bad. but he's so good with period pieces and i'd love to see what he could do with 'lost in la mancha.'

matt damon was really irritating, though. anthony was telling me that his fanzine website told that gilliam wanted matt damon to wear a prosthetic nose for the movie and miramax said they'd cut funding if that happened. wtf?! he'd lose 'marketability?' matt damon is really not that cute. he's far too arrogant and... typical to be attractive in any sense of the word. he seemed so out of place. heath ledger was so good and quirky!! i think matt damon looked so odd because he appeared so... normal. most gilliam films do not have normal people in them, they all have some sort of "flaw" or grittiness to them - a reality. he's not all about the perfect and i'm sure it must have been frustrating to have to compromise like that.

and i believe, in an interview on the same website, gilliam said that there was a scene when they were fleeing the burning woods that was so incredible it made the end of the movie total crap. so they had to cut it. *laugh* it'll be on the dvd, but it's intriguing to wonder what was so kickass about it. we'll buy, we're hooked. also, anthony must keep his gilliam compendium complete.


on a more sobering note, the whole katrina incident is absolutely horrifying. i read these stories and am so appalled at the state of things. i read them or hear them on npr and get so choked up... i'll want to say something to anthony, but can't because i'll probably start crying.

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Madge said...

A few things:

*Your longon photos with the measuring tape were probably the most adorable things I saw today. Perhaps this week. Ooh, cute fruit!

*I am really hoping to catch the Brothers Grimm soon. Soooooon.

*Katrina is sad. Crying-deep-sobs-into-your-boyfriend's-perfect-hanky-shoulder-sad. Sad for so many reasons...