ramdom musings to a long lost friend

your photos are awesome mrs married lauren!! i had heard via michie that you had married a dude, which is super cool (not that marrying a chick would have been un-super cool). i love that you're into pottery. i took a wheel throwing class at fsu and would love, LOVE to have one at my home. you know, assuming i had the excess cash and all. ; ) and you might study in japan!! will you buy and send me many cases of melty kisses?! those are the best japanese candies ever. much better than pocky, in my most (not-so) humble opinion.

also, please excuse my rambles, as i have had a glass of wine.

also x2 - i need a better pic of you and your dude. : ) it looks like you had a ton of fun setting up your kiln. are you into raku? um, once i made a chip & dip bowl/plate. it was super crap. i find it difficult to throw without a sponge, but then it leaves the clay all... unsmooth and what have you.

ugh, also, i try not to think about what's going on with our age and inevitability of time. thankfully, i apparently still look like i'm 17. *sigh*

things w/ me: i am dating a super sweet boy named anthony (there are probably pics at flickr.com/photos/gimchi or at my blog! i have become even more nerdly than you can believe or remember. oh yea, baby, that's me.) we have 2 babies (read: felines). um, i work for a health insurance company as a "data research specialist SENIOR." i am going to school for a pharmacy degree. (fun, eh? school may just kill me, which will hopefully cause my artistic side to blow up and reignite my soul, which may or may not have shrivelled to a small mung bean husk. we'll see how it goes.)

anyways, enough ramble for now! so glad you're doing well!


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