so, i would like to bloggerly (as opposed to 'formally') congratulate miss michelle freeman on her engagement to mr scott... mr.. scott.....

mother of!!!

well, anyways, i'd also like to post a picture of them, but i don't have any good ones. (i happen to know his first name, which he doesn't like to use, but his last name?? *sigh*

what it comes down to is: i am insanely happy for michelle. most truly truly. she is a wonderful person and my faith in humanity is reignited when there are people who can see her beauty and know that she's amazing! she's open and caring and intelligent - traits that are hard to come by in one single package.

and if he ever forgets it, michelle, just let me know and either i or my chinese mafia will break his toes, his shins and then his thighs before pouring molten bronze down his throat to obtain a mold of his insides.

i'm here for you, babe.

PLUS, i get to be the maid of honor! *insane maid of honor dance* (you can just imagine what that's like, eh?)

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Anonymous said...

Kimberlina, thanks so much for that wonderful blog entry!!! That's sooooo sweet! btw, I cannot wait to see the *insane maid of honor dance* if it's anything like the ostrich, then I know it's good!!

Oh, and it's Owens, Kim, O-W-E-N-S.