the satsukos

last night anthony & i hung out at usf's marshall center basement with star & david and listened to the satsukos. : ) it was weird and strange to be hanging out in a college student center! so different than hcc's dale mabry campus. there's such a different feeling that comes with a larger university. i miss it.

we also played scrabble wherein anthony soundly trounced the 3 of us. his highest single score was 42 (caravan). david's highest was also 42 (sonic - frozen). star didn't need any single huge score because she just rocked the board in general.

my score passed the 100 mark - 101! turn off the fire, kim! where did that come from?! my highest single score was 38 (froze - off - or). maybe one day i'll beat anthony. one day. but never his mother - she's scrabble queen.

another tampa band i rather enjoy: the candybars.


this blogging thing has taken a bit of a backseat as of late. i'm going to try and remedy this, but school takes so much out of me so that there's nothing left but an empty shell that repeats and regurgitates chemistry and anatomy information. alas.


Madge said...


even if you are regurgitating chemistry/anatomy notes.

kimberlina said...

hey! thanks for your comments, seriously. it gave me the strength to go on and stay up till 12 and blog some more! although i (apparently) have a faithful (albiet small) following of friends who read my blog, they aren't as nerdly as myself to leave comments.
rock on!