stream of consciousness

  1. Crave::sushi & oolong/chrysanthemum tea
  2. Whole package::ramen
  3. Roommates::eat my food
  4. 5:30::am is when i woke up this morning, then fell back asleep
  5. Lesbian::beautiful
  6. Poignant::china/hong kong/travel
  7. Hurtful::overtime
  8. You and I::I got you, babe
  9. Grateful::soft socks
  10. Giggle::kill the teletubbies

fun randomness. nice to just type.

i feel so exhausted and it's only monday - that can't be good, eh? classes are going well. no big tests coming up. going to try and work overtime this week... must get rid of debt. debt is not your friend. debt is the enemy, it is the DEVIL.

.... i feel like saying or typing something entertaining, but am at a loss.


Supermans Foot said...

I enjoyed it. may try something similar myself

kimberlina said...

ramdom is good! stream of consciousness is good!

i feel wacky and sick right now. i think i have strep. :(