giant squid! (!!artwork alert!!)

npr is the best. i say this despite their visual radio pleas for help. on the way back from work, anthony and i noticed that our radio dial now reads:





WUSF radio...


pretty awesome, eh? soon they'll have a little tv for your radio where you can watch them sign their requests for memberships in american sign language! no lie, it's in the works.

exciting npr story of the day:


a team of japanese researchers have taken the first photos of a live giant squid. the only other time we've ever seen them is when they are dead and washed up or floating somewhere. their eyes are the size of volleyballs. insane. it often astounds me how much we don't know about the world we live in. and that we're killing it off little by little, day by day, hour by hour.

even though this is a great find for scientific community, we all know what they were really thinking:


i love dried squid! also, cuttlefish (which are rather cute, really). cats love it. mmm.... anthony says that it gives me dead rat breath, alas. (funions also do this, the "food" i hate to love.)


Sleep Goblin said...

I just read your profile for the first time. I think I love you.

Christopher said...

Giant squids always make me happy. Thank you for sharing.

Supermans Foot said...

clever i like it but it still doesnt answer who would win a fight giant squid or shark? Also which tastes nicer? because surely we get to eat the loser - dried or other wise

Spinning Girl said...

I am so psyched about this news story.

Madge said...

When I eat things that leave me with questionable breath, my boyfriend says I have "poop breath." I think I'd rather have dead rat breath...