tired, so tired

these classes are slowly sucking the life out of me. the only high point out of any of my 4 classes (plus a full-time job that may soon have mandatory overtime) is my anatomy & physiology class.

every other class is practically a living hell: going from best to worst - a&p lab, chemistry class, chemistry lab.

the teacher is super - informative and thorough and well, cute. not in that OMG he's so hott kind of way (there's only one boy for me who fulfills that requirement)- more in a bashful teacher kind of way. for instance, when someone commented that they liked his teaching style, he kinda blushed and said something along the lines of, "thank you. ... well, i do the best i can." haha! so cute!

i'm a nerd. plus, i retyped all my anatomy notes.


Madge said...

school and work full-time: it sure makes for killer weekends. at least it makes for wine consumption.

i took a (long) moment & grazed your links. your portfolio is quite swell! i was delighted to peek through everything. my boyfriend has a million Nikons. sometimes i get to play with them. but i never get to touch his F3. :)

Meaghan said...

1. That is a very hot photo of ant, and you can tell him so for me.

2. Your teacher sounds cute, like our italian ducky!!!!

3. What is an HTML tag???????

kimberlina said...

i know it, meaghan! he's a cutie. :) even w/ tsing tao photos on his forehead... lol.

no one will ever replace our ducky and the vati-CAN.

html tags let you make stuff bold and italic and what not. i'll learn you, cutie!