darth sprinkler of death (i'm on a blogging roll!)

the other day, i believe at target, anthony and i came across this strange contraption of marketing genius(?).

yes, it is a darth vader sprinkler. i have (surreptitiously) altered the photo to make it appear more as it did in true physical form. check out that flaccid-ity. definitely not good for the ego.

in any case, this little emissary of the emperor spins and shakes its little ass while spraying your lawn with life-giving water. at least, 1 sq ft of your lawn. maybe 1/2.

here's an action shot:

(were i more nerdly (or had more time) i would make an animated gif!)

pretty lame, eh? he appears to be stricken with some sort of epilepsy while stuck in a bidet. it would have been so awesome if mr vader were on some sort of track whereupon his legs would move so it would appear that he were striding across your lawn and then spurting forth the water. also, if his little lightsabre weren't so sad and viagra endearing.

oh, who am i kidding? just get your 3 yr old kid (or hire one for cheap) to wear a little darth vader costume and walk around your lawn with a hose.


kimberlina said...

i am updating here because i am too lazy to go back and 'edit.'

what would be REALLY awesome (assuming you had the cash) would be to pepper your entire lawn with these! a veritable army of darth vaders!

Madge said...

holy twisting darth vaders, batman! i'm really disgusting. does anything come out of the saber after he jiggles a lot? :)