i suck i suck i suck i suck i suck!!

i just missed a phone call from my mom in hong kong because i was scared it might be that annoying asian boy in my anatomy lab!!



ok, i feel better.

::backstory x1::

was late one day to anatomy lab, sat in the back next to asian boy. what is up with asian boys always thinking they can hang with you or that they might have a chance with you because you're asian, too?!?? maybe that's mean, but it's ANNOYING. no lie, he was staring at me the entire class, quite obviously. i was this ---><--- close to turning to him and saying flatly, "i have a boyfriend." it was that bad. i have since moved seats, but i still catch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye every single lab meeting.

::backstory x2::

during high school, went to dinner w/ friends at thai restaurant. asian server eyeing me up. we get round of free desserts. haha! ethnicity totally paid off. on the way out, he asks for my number. flustered and inexperienced, i give it to him, even though i really don't want to. he asks about my plans that night, i tell him i'm going to a movie with friends. when i get home, my parents tell me that some boy named "bird" (yes, that was his name) had called FIVE TIMES. yes, five effing times.

::back to backstory x1::

anyways, i gave my # to asian anatomy lab boy because he was going to miss the next lab and wanted to know if he would miss anything.
it was soo hard for me to give it to him. when he asked, i said, incredulously, "uh, what?" *eyebrow raised*

a myraid of feelings swarmed me at that point.
1. asian boys are often clingy and psycho (god, that is so mean, but true from every experience i have had with them). (note: all were asian boys that did not grow up in the usa.)
2. often, when asked for my #, i either give it or give a fake one.
3. strong desire to turn him down to be strong and just say no, for the first time in my life, than crapping out and giving faux digits.

*sigh* i caved. it was the school part of the situation that won out. anthony suggested later that i just give him my email, or better yet, the teacher's email. i wish i could think quicker.

meet kim's superficiality. why, hello!


Anna May Won't said...

hey, thanks for your comment. it *is* somewhat a consolation to know i wasn't the only one home on a sat night.

understand about unwanted advances from asian guys - or any doorky guys for that matter. i've encountered my share of doorky white guys too.

Madge said...

I read your posting to my boyfriend. He said, "that sounds so familiar." I said, "this sort of thing never happens to me, does it?" He replied, "it happens ALL the time."

Ohhhh. He's right.

My favorite "shouldn't have given him the number" story happened during my undergrad...I was glad to give my number to this guy for homework help. He was an economics genius (read: start your engine). Within one week, things started getting awkward when he burned a cd for me. It was his version of the Spice Girls Greatest hits. After that, he broke into my dorm and hung up a Britney Spears poster over my bed. He told me these were signs of affection. And when he wrote me a letter, asking to move in with me, I joined the Witness Protection Program and changed my name to Madge.

Jaimeh said...

I have a solution. Memorize this number: 813-273-8160, there is another similar one, but with a los angeles area code, lol - 310-495-5412 - which probably wouldnt help much if they knew you lived here. Give it a call and you will totally get it ;p

Supermans Foot said...

we all have some strange desire to please. by this i mean not refusing people information. Its a strange compulsion I know.

fb said...

Madge have you seen 'Chungking Express'?

'Bird' sounds like a character from a Murakami novel though or a Hong Kong gangster movie...

Christopher said...

I never refuse anything. This sometimes gets me into trouble.

kimberlina said...

christopher: could i have, say, $1000 dollars?

madge: it's ok if you like the spice girls and britney spears. i mean, really, i won't think less of you. ;)

doris: it's funny though, i've never had white boys pursue me the same way asian boys have. que strano.

jaimeh: hey there!! that's an awesome number. noted.

foot o' superman: we all do have a desire to please... it's just bad when it overcomes the desire to please yourself. i'm either too nice, or a total bitch. i'm still trying to find my golden mean.

fb: i love murakami. love love love.

Madge said...

I haven't seen Chungking Express, fb. Now it is on my list...