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here's the flier for anthony's show on the 29th. should be rather exciting!

there's a smallish site about it here.

i don't have much to post about at present. mainly stressing about tests and studying like mad. not to mention a horrific relapse of my cold (i had a fever of 100F the other night). *sigh* i'm making an appointment with a dr next week fo' sho.'

i'm about to meet anthony for some yummy yummy jimmy john's subs.

my cat yam slept with me under the covers again!

i vacuumed last night so my floors are cat litter free! (the little things in life are soso nice.)


Pirate said...

thanks for swinging by my blog. I hope you get t feeling better soon.

Jimmy John's subs?

kimberlina said...

jimmy john's subs! so yummy. :) it's a chain, but their avocado spread on their veggie sandwiches are insanely good.

i'm a food-a-holic like that.

Sleep Goblin said...

I LOVE Jimmy John's. DS and I plan our stops on the way to KY in places where we know they exist. I'm addicted to their "day old bread".