cathartic lists to clear the mind & soul *cue cheese music*

  • i am attempting to clean the house.
  • i am hoping beyond hope that work will be cancelled tomorrow due to little miss wilma. there's another update at 9. *crosses fingers*
  • i bought crystals cat litter. we're hoping it lasts longer than the regular scoopable stuff.
  • i just bought this ring from the moma store!
    • i'm not a big diamond person. diamonds are blood money. ... really, so much in this world is gained at the cost of someone else. and i'm not talking money. i'm talking blood and sweat and children and hunger. it makes me sad. i try to be strong and proactive in doing what i can to stop general world crappiness. there's just so much of it - it easily gets me down. gems can be beautiful, but i don't understand why they must cost so much.
    • we went through this huge jewelry mall in china last year - all i could say to anthony was, "these rocks are so pretty!" because really, that's all they are. rocks.
    • anyways, here's a neat site, too - recycled jewelry. a lot of it isn't my style at all. it makes me want to get into jewelry-making. (no more hobbies, kim!)
  • my head is hurting. maybe a glass of wine will help?
  • i got an email from my friend michie - i gave her a bag that i had made for her ordination and she took it with her to san francisco. apparently, people stopped her on the street asking where she had gotten it.
    • "I mean, seriously, strangers on the street stopped me to ask where I had bought it!! I've taken it to work and now to Richmond and Charlotte and everywhere I go people are asking about it!!! So, yeah, in all your free time, you make a whole bunch more of those and sell them on the internet and I'll get you some buyers.... that's what I'm sayin'.... My point, dear heart: Thanks for the effin' awesome bag."
    • makes me want to drop this pharmacy bit and do more craft! why, oh why, can't i make a decision? maybe once i research organic chem things'll become clearer.
  • went to ceviche with saad & rachel on friday. went through 3 pitchers of champagne sangria. can we say, yum?
    • anthony saw their advert in the weekly planet. it's a goya painting. maja
    • he said "goya? oBOYa!" i could not. stop. laughing. we are dorks.
    • the place has the most awesome tapas. it made anthony and me feel that maybe tampa wasn't so super crummy after all - there are little gems here that we don't even know about! of course, we're hermits and never leave the house - maybe that's the problem. ;)


Harry Yak said...

whats a tapa?

Madge said...

Firstly, I can't believe you had work today. Though it never got too crazy (at least in my area), it certainly could have! Ugh.

Secondly - the ring. Wow! you have excellent taste...I am jealous. Tampa is too small for 2 people to have that same ring, though, I am very tempted.

Thirdly - please show us the bags you make!

Fourthly, but should have been thirdly - did you have a glass of wine? I did. mmmm.

Fifthly - Tampa, I think, is by far the best city in Florida. It is carving its way, at least -- and has some civic pride, which is hard to come by elsewhere. Champagne sangria sounds so good I don't know what to do with myself.

Sixthly, Hope you stayed dry! :) Enjoy the winterlike tonight...

Rowan said...

hunny, you should know wine won't help the headache in all likelihood.

kimberlina said...

harry: a tapas bar is spanish cuisine, i believe. and tapas are small dishes of food. it's like having a dinner of lots of appetizers! shrimp, small quail carcasses, eggplant, fish.. so yummy!

madge: buy the ring! we can be trendsetters. it's so fabu. and i'll try and get pics up of my bags... i hope i have some left. hrm. i agree that tampa is the best city in florida. orlando is crazy and tourist-y. my friend rachel used to live there. she told me that at disney, they waft fake cookie smells through the air to make you hungry. subterfuge! lies! deception!

rowan: ah, very true. but it did make me sleepy and when i woke up, no headache! ;)

FRITZ said...

Kimberlina: You remind me of a little sprite. Who dances.
I don't really know why. But I like to think of you like that.

Secondly, Goya oBOYa made me chuckle for quite some time.

Thirdly, I would like to see this handbag, as well. A handbag is a definitive part of a woman's closet. Mine are black, brown, white, or all three mixed together. BOOOORRRING.

Why don't you and Madge hang out? You seem so close. Hell, I'll drive down for a weekend. We could all drink some wine. Just not Gallo.

All three of us probably suffer from NOT EXACTLY FITTING IN TO OUR SURROUNDINGS. This is a bitch.
Anthony sounds hilarious. And sweet.

kimberlina said...

fritz: i like sprites. like in rainbow brite. what a nice visual - you're the best!

i've wondered about hanging wit' the madge. she's cute and witty and inspires stalking quite easily. a meetup would be so awesome!

and if i ever get the hankering to go back to atlanta (esp for ikea) i'll send you a line. :)