++ halloweenie ++

let the picture regurgitation commence:

(sorry, i'm bad at narrowing photo choices when it comes to sharing)

i heart halloween. i heart decorating for halloween. i heart eating halloween candy & chocolate. i heart skulls. i heart anthony (who i discovered had a crush on me on halloween). i heart pumpkins. i heart knives.

more skullz. note the prince of darkness figure hidden in the background. i heart tim curry.

those goopy insides are so fun to scoop! (way better than kitty litter.) i heart roasted pumpkin seeds.

mmm... mulled wine... we got those champagne flutes from the thrift store. they say "2000 celebration urology/dermatology sales." hahaha!

move that hand!
damnit, mary jo! move your hand! (shown w/ new boy - brian.) : )

hey, cute boy, chomp!


tongue shot



grr, baby, very grr

lumberjack vamp!
lumberjack vamp!

chocolate vamp
lumberjack vamp hearts chocolate.



robot eyes!
domo arigato mister roboto... -pumpkin



terrence & philip/pac man
jen's brian's pumpkin. terrence & philip or pac man?
you decide!


she had stars in her eyes...

brian's pac man ghost!

this is a fetus. this is a fetus carved into a pumpkin. this is a fetus carved into a pumpkin with a wire hanger wrapped all up on it.
anthony wanted to write "pro-choice" on it and deposit it back on the church lawn.

my cute (unoriginal) pumpkin. i totally used a stencil.

and well, here's me taking a photo of myself. when you're holding the camera, you're never in any pictures!


much fun was had, much candy was ingested, many pumpkin seeds were strewn about the (thankfully covered) floor. huzzah!


and in other news:

i got a 97 on my chem test.

wtf? i am seriously good guesser. i am still in shock. (and i can already hear anthony saying, "i told you so.")

may potentially become a supervisor @ my job. actual title & pay raise to follow in what is sure to be 5 months.
: p


{STAR} said...

Yay pumpkin party!!!! It was so much fun. I have the net at our new apartment, too. The apartment is almost unpacked... not exactly organized. I am drinking pumpkin spice coffee right now...mmm. Our pumpkins are RIP as of this evening. We live in a fairly tree covered area with moisture. They did not last long. It was the memory that counts. Thank you Kim for reminding me that I can have fun holiday memories when I live away from my family. <3 Star

fb said...

Bloody hell! so much effort into Pumpkin carving I'm very impressed by all of them...

Nobody really makes an effort with Halloween here in the UK and the pumpkins aren't very big...

I've been to one Halloween Party and I went as Hannibal Lecter.

Rowan said...

sounds like you enjoy halloween as much as I do!

Madge said...

I love your pictures, as per usual.

My observations:

1) Girl holding mulled wine looks exactly like Famke Janssen. Wow!

2) Phantom teeth are a good time.

3) Nice jack-o-lanterns...I especially love the 2 that were Pac Man inspired.

4) Happy Halloween, cute Kimberlina!

kimberlina said...

star: i'm hearing it. our pumpkins are rotting away on our table. ;) anthony's on pumpkin detail tonight. hopefully they'll be gone when i wake up. and i am soso glad to have reminded you of good family times. that's never an easy thing to do.

fb: i love halloween! people let go of the fun when they get older, i think. personally, i think it's one of the best holidays, ever. even better than valentine's day! (but not better than chinese new year. chinese new year means good food AND moolah!)

rowan: i do i do i do! truly the best. and you never get too old for dressing up.

madge: happy almost birthday! it's so interesting to see all the different pumpkin types that come out of a pumpkin carving party. also to note the poundage of seeds that are baking in my oven right now... and i love your avatar! (that word feels weird to me.) very floridian - i can sense that we're getting to you.

Madge said...

Look, for some reason, I'm drawn to the Pink Flamingo lights (I swear it has nothing to do with a John Waters' obsession I do not have -what?) I like your new avatar, too (I completely agree - that word is freaking strange). It's festive. It's fun. It's freaky-deaky.

btw - i forgot to mention that i adore the fetus-o-lantern.

Harry Yak said...

omg i have found sombody that hates/fears/has no idea about capital letters as me. now that i have found you, i'm sure to come back and check out your blog.

nice pictures by the way.

FRITZ said...


Oh, I am jealous of all those pumpkins and skulls and stuff. I think I will do a pumpkin this weekend while Michael is gone.


Good job on the chem test. You didn't guess. You aren't giving yourself enough credit. It was OSMOSIS.

Meaghan said...

YOU KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! you are going to be the bestest pharmacist ever.

HitManJ said...

I ♥ HTML tricks!


I ♥ your blog today.

Cool 'kins!


Sleep Goblin said...

Oh Kimberlina. Remember how I was like "Oh my god, I love you so much!"? My boyfriend just did the same thing with your fetus pumpkin carver....

You have inspired me. Back home in Kentucky, my friends and I always had a pumpkin carving party. Now I want to start one here in Wisconsin. I hope people want to come!

B.O.B.I. said...


We never celebrate anything here...

My roommates and I are so dull.

I'm mentally carving a Jack 'O Lantern that looks like the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

What can I say? I grabbed.

kimberlina said...

madgie: john waters obsession! wear it with pride!

yakster: yea... i don't know if it's fear so much as just plain laziness. also, it worked for e.e. cummings - it's gotta work for me!

fritz: do it! there is nothing as cathartic as stabbing pumpkins to get you in a better mood. or... a homocidal one.

meg: you're the best. i do hope we can see each other soon.

hitmanj: omg - that site's so cool! *duly bookmarked* but, what is this: ð

sleep: :) yay! i am so glad to inspire. pumpkin parties are incredibly fun, yes? keep the tradition going!

bObI: i highly doubt your dullness. a few glasses of mulled wine or a party hat/fez will remove any dullness (note: but will increase sharpness of any knife in near proximity).

FRITZ said...

I can't believe it...I had a Halloween Pumkin Carving Party with my PARENTS of all people!

Pics will be up soon. Come over and see. later. Digi camera has gone to KY with Boyfriend.

Supermans Foot said...

good news congratulations, and I wanna play with the pumpkins... and the fangs